After Seminary, David started a consulting agency to help businesses and to encourage Christians to discover their potential. His programs are enriched by his experiences as a juvenile corrections facility counselor, teacher, pastor, business owner, missionary mobilizer, and foster parent to more than 70 youth.

Who is David Derby


   While on mission projects in remote areas of India, David met grass-root level church planters of whom many live on less than one dollar a day, have little or no education, and suffer persecution for sharing their faith. The Lord used this experience to lead David to write the Indian edition of  “The Secret of Right Relationships: Overcoming Dinosaur Thinking,” which has been translated into six Indian languages, and thousands have been taught from it throughout India. David was denied reentry into India in 2011. The Indian immigration authorities and consulate office refuse to give an explanation for this decision. But it appears David was reported by radical anti-Christian Hindu officials who saw the growth of the local churches after his visits to their areas.

   David is the founder and director of  “Disciples for the Harvest.” His goal is to educate American Christians in developing better relationship and discipleship skills and have the sales of his book, speaking fees, and honorariums raise the funds needed to enable his Indian partners to continue the discipleship training in India.

     David was an assistant to the Director of SPEAR Ministries from 2006—2008. The goal of SPEAR was to help educate Christians about Islam and to encourage and teach how to witness to Muslims.

     David is available to present at your church, organization, or business. He can customize his program to fit your schedule and needs. His curriculum, supplemented by his book, The Secret of Right Relationships: Overcoming Dinosaur Thinking,  is designed to help the attendees and/or readers understand their instinctive nature towards sin. It also teaches Biblical responses God gives to empower us to overcome these tendencies. Then we can receive God’s blessings so God will be glorified as we pass His blessings on to others.

    David has an accompanying ten lesson DVD to facilitate small group leaders in the teaching of his course.

    David also has a presentation titled “Understanding Islam.”


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