The USA mission of Disciples for the Harvest (DFH) is to help Christians develop a closer relationship with God and others and inspire them to become better disciples of Jesus Christ. David does this by teaching basic Biblical concepts of leadership, team building, conflict resolution, and character education.  David is the author of The Secret of Right Relationships: Overcoming Dinosaur Thinking which is an excellent read for self-enrichment and has an accompanying ten lesson teaching DVD to facilitate the teaching of it to small groups. Profits from the sale of his book and DVD and honorariums help support the work of which the Lord used David as a catalyst to start in India.

            The Secret of Right Relationships:
              Overcoming Dinosaur Thinking

This book is a Bible-based relationship, leadership, and discipleship study taught from an instinctive behavioral paradigm.  It brings to mind the truth in a most simple way to touch and guide one's heart to realize how he should live so that he would receive the blessings of God. Using the illustrations of the dinosaurs' nature and comparing them with man's nature and behavior provides a transparent idea to examine ourselves and our spiritual lives. Once the weakness is discovered, by grace it can be overcome. There is also a ten lesson DVD to help you facilitate it as a  Bible study for your Sunday School or small group. Click here to purchase the book or read a sampling of it.


The Secret of Right Relationships: Overcoming Dinosaur Thinking:  David can present  this in a one day workshop or in two three hour workshops.

 Introduction of The Secret of Right Relationships: Overcoming Dinosaur Thinking:  David can present a one or two hour opening lessen and you can use the accompanying DVD over the next few weeks to finish the course.

Understanding Islam:
David is also available to present his two hour seminar, “Understanding Islam.” This training will helpyou Learn about the Islamic religion and how to reach Muslims for Christ.

David is also available for Pulpit supply preaching andShort-term interim ministry. David enjoys doing a short-term interim  ministry with smaller churches using his “Overcoming Dinosaur Theme” with an emphasis of developing a better relationship with God and others to become a better witness to Jesus Christ.


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