Through the leading, grace, and power of God, indigenous DFH helpers and David Derby have trained more than 6,000 Indian church leaders and grass root church planters in 120 training seminars in eleven states in India from 2008 through 2014.  DFH volunteer trainers have conducted 22 training seminars in 7 states to more than 1,100 grass root level church planters and evangelists thus far in the 2015 calendar year. 

     We praise God that through contacts made during DFH trainings since 2008, the following Indian languages have been recorded for the first time or old recordings have been updated. (BHOJPURI, MAITHILI, MAGAHI, SAURA LANGIYA, KUI, SAURA ORISSA,GONDI SOUTHERN: Sironcha, MADIA: Bhamugarh, BINDHARI, MANKARA, and DESIA: koropuh, PUNJABI:Malwai, BALAI, SAPERA, HINDI:Dehati, KURUKH:Ambikapur, GONDI:Yavatmal, GONDI:Aheri and MARIA:Aheri. DFH has distributed 1,000s of Global Recordings Network - India CDs in the above languages this year. Also DFH has distributed many printed materials and Bibles given to us by other missions who can’t get into places we go.We praise God that the Telugu translation was completed in October, 2014. This will greatly extend our mission in Andhra Pradesh.

    In India, Disciples for the Harvest (DFH) is a training ministry, primarily to remote areas, that uses a “train-the-trainer” model to help Grass Root Church Planters become better disciple makers, evangelists, and pastors. DFH assists indigenous Christian leaders and indigenous missionaries who are willing to go to remote, often dangerous, areas where it is difficult, if not impossible, for expatriate missionaries to go. Through their Indian missionary networks, the DFH’s volunteer training team looks for pockets of new believers throughout India. DFH also assists Global Recordings Network - India field recordists find language helpers from the attendees of DFH workshops to record much needed, often first time ever, Gospel messages into the tribal languages of the Least Reached, Unreached, and Unengaged people groups.   

    The tribal grass root church planters come to the DFH seminars at their own expense and are asked to give a love offering to help cover the cost of the training. Most of the attendees live on less than two dollars a day. They are so encouraged by the DFH training that many sacrificially give enough to cover 5% to 10% of the cost of the training. All attendees are encouraged to go back to their villages to teach what they have learned. Those who read their state trade language are given a workbook for the training which they can also use as a teacher’s manual when they return home to teach Christian discipleship.

Disciples for the Harvest is under the umbrella of Advancing Native Missions.

Many oral societies, have now adopted the written word as a tool for their method of learning and DFH accommodates those as well.  The Field Executive of India, Disciples of the Harvest uses Dr. David Derby’s  (Dr. is an honorary title bestowed on David by the tribal people throughout India.) training book “The Secrets of Right Relationships Overcoming Dinosaur Thinking”  which has been translated into six Indian languages.

Many Tribal people groups in India still depend on the oral traditions of learning.  

Oral traditions form the foundation of many societies.  DFH India provide the means to teach and train those who understand best through this method.