July 27 – 31, 2015 DFH TRAININGS in Andhra Pradesh

by DFH India Coordinator
Names are not given for security reasons

​​​Tallapalem is nearly 55 Kms from Vishakapatnam and our field volunteer arranged a training there. Most of the people are farming laborers, so our training was scheduled from evening to night. It was arranged in the Jesus Dhyana Mandiram (Jesus Meditation Center.) We expected around 40 members, but a believer died that day, so only 25 came. A lawyer, who is also a pastor, came with 5 of his members. Initially, he was negative, but after the training, he confessed that he assumed the DFH trainer was a cult preacher. Now he highly endorses DFH training. The 75 year old pastor of the center was very much inspired and thanked us for giving the training in His church.​

​Our next training took place in Kanchrapalem at a Bereca church, where mostly women committee members gathered, and there were a few evangelists and professionals who also came. The total was 50 participants. The pastor who arranged this training is known to be a good Bible teacher. He listened very carefully along with the other believers. When we finished, he and other attendees said, “Today we have discovered some basic truths from the Bible which were not known and hidden to us. Unless someone like you comes to teach, how will we learn such basic truths of how God wants us to behave toward others? We will pray for your teaching ministry that churches may open the doors, so that others will have a chance to hear of those simple truths.” Later many of those participants stood in the line for prayer so that their life will receive blessings and forgiveness.

​Then we moved to a very remote village in a hilly forest area of Vizinagaram district about 130 Km from Vishakapatnam where the people speak their own mother tongue, known as Konda Dora & Mukha Dora. This area is known for the many Maoists who live there. (Maoists are members of an extremist Communist political party.) The roads are very narrow, muddy, and bumpy. The car we had hired dropped us off in Salur about 20 Km from Vizinagaram where we hired a three wheeler rickshaw to take us the rest of the way. Oh! What a difficult trip it was. 22 believers reached the training site. Most of them walked to get there. They really enjoyed our teaching and illustrations. We knew they learned well, because after each lesson we gave them a point to remember and at the end of the training they told us those points without any hesitation. The young pastor and his wife were happy and thankful that we went to their remote village to teach some unknown truths. Unfortunately about 15 pastors wanted to attend, but they lived too far away and could not afford the travel expense of 250 Indian Rupees (about $4 USA.) 

​The last DFH training of this tour was conducted in Peddachepuruvalsa, another small village inside the forest where the people speak their tribal language, Gadaba, and the trade language, Telugu. Most of them are stone cutters. Due to animal attacks, especially by bear, people are forbidden to travel from evening till morning. People from surrounding villages came and gathered there. A few went to cook the meal. When the meeting started, as per their custom, they worshipped for around an hour. Then our training started with 35 plus adult believers.  Each of them listened to the lessons carefully and those who could read and write took notes. Once we finished speaking, we tested them to know how much they understood. These oral learners have strong memories and they said exactly what was taught. They said, “Your training gave us some valuable truths which we never knew before.” Praise God that we could reach these remote villages. The next morning, our auto rickshaw returned to take us back to Salur.

​The people who attended the four DFH trainings were very generous. They gave Rs. 3600.00. (about $60 USA) in Love Offerings to help in our expenses. The participants paid their own travel expenses. The total DFH cost of this training tour to Andhra Pradesh was $300. This includes train, car, and rickshaw fares; lodging for DFH staff and meals on route; honorariums for interpreters; and the cost of the meals and snacks for the attendees. Usually the cost is more, but our DFH staff stayed with the pastors in the villages which cut down on our normal expenses.

2015 -  Summary of reports from January through June of DFH India 

According to a recent report from the Director DFH India, the training team conducted 18 DFH trainings in 7 different states. Few of those trainings were conducted in most difficult interior areas where usually none goes as it takes much time and money. In each training, DFH's special lessons moved the hearts of the participants, and they were able to discover their old habits were leading to sinful outcomes which need changed. There were good response from the participants, and believers are changing. Below is the places where we conducted trainings and Number of participants attended in each meeting; of course most places we didn't count young people...

1) In West Bengal we conducted our training in Jhalida CNI Church (80 Participants); Grace Community Fellowship, Sonali Park - Kolkata (57 participants);  Jata Panchamkhanda - South 24 Parganas (40 Participants).

2) In Andhra Pradesh we conducted our trainings in   Rellibedi KGH, Vishakapatnam (22 participants); Gajuaka S B Housing prayer hall - Vishakapatnam (37 participants); Elim Prayer Hall - Chittoor  (42 participants); Power of Prayer Hall, - Chittoor  (21 Participants); Thirupati (58 participants).

3) In Maharashtra we conducted our training in Yavatmal Christian Leadership College, (30 participants).

4) In Tamilnadu state we conducted out training in Disciple's Church, Injabakkam, Chennai (22 participants).

5) In Uttar Padesh we conducted our training in  Aligarh village (32 participants), Maharajganj (70 participants); Basantpur & Guplapur (150 participants) of Gorakhpur district.

 6) In the state of Odisha we conducted DFH trainings in the villages, named Bhutuni, Bongpada & Mondalsahi (42 pastors and 70 believers).

7) In Kerala state we conducted training in a Bible Institute in Manjeri (20 Participants).

So more than 790 believers (Bible college students, pastor, evangelists, lay people, Sunday school teachers, businessmen etc.) were taught through these trainings.

Disciples for the Harvest India 2015 Reports